Best Blogging Sites

It’s the age of technology. Everything is on the web, which includes even your thoughts. Yes, it has become increasingly easy to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with people living practically at the other end of the world. This all can be done through blogging. Here’s a list of top five blogging sites.

Blogger :
Powered by Google, one of the most famous and widely used search engines today, Blogger affords users across the world an opportunity to get their voices heard on the web, that too for free! It’s extremely user friendly and takes very little effort to set up a blog on Blogger. It even supports geo-tagging and drag-and-drop template editing!

Tumblr :
Tumblr has taken over the internet in a short duration of time. There’s hardly anyone out there who doesn’t have Tumblr. It’s addictive! It’s a form of micro-blogging, much like twitter.

Another great site for bloggers, free if you create it on your own server or you can create it on word press hosted server. It has a huge following, though it is not as easy to use as Blogger, thus it holds far more appeal for the more tech-savvy bloggers with all kinds of options, configurations and plug ins.

Yet another link within the never-ending chain of blogging platforms, this one unlike the opposite three above isn’t free but affordable, with packages that range from $12-$40.

Posterous :
Easy, to the point and absolutely free! Yes, all these can be used to define Posterous. Absolutely hassle free, all you got to do is email post @posterous and it creates a blog for you automatically. There’s no limit to the length on posterous like other micro-blogging sites which may be a huge benefit for those that like to rant. It’s quite amazing what Posterous can do for you with a simple email. For people who don’t have the time to set up their own blogs, Posterous is the answer.

A personal favorite, often compared with Facebook, which frankly baffles me for unlike Facebook, it’s nothing to try to to with contacts and family, it’s a micro-blogging, free site where you can share your thoughts with people from all four corners of the world. What I love most about it is that you have to share whatever you want to within 140 characters, it sure embodies the spirit of brevity, and it is frankly very surprising how people can get their ideas across in a mere 140 characters. This is purely a social network site but bloggers are also using it to their advantage.

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